Belly Dance Instructor offering lessons at home

Belly dancing


Monday :

Studio Idolem at 6:00 Zumba/ Baladi / Mansfield Pointe Claire at 7:30 Zumba


Mansfield Athletic Pointe-Claire 6:30-7:30 Zumba

Thursday :

Mansfield 7:30pm Zumba / Baladi

Friday :

Jewish Y on Gouin at 10:00 am Zumba


Mansfield Atheltic Pointe-Claire 9:30am Zumba

Belly dance instructor with 20 years experience


Hi there my name is Marie-Therese Abboud, I specialise in Belly dancing of which I have over 20years experience in the traditonal Egyptian as well as Lebanese Belly dance styles. It is a true passion of mine.  As well as integrating these two dance styles into my classes I have also utilized my expertise in Cardio exercise as well as the Lebanese folkloric dance of the Dapke to maximize the benefits for your workout.


This form of dance has been in practise for thousands of years and continues to maintain if not increase its benefits as a non-impact fluid and strength building exercise.



Conceived for women in the childbirthing process to enable them to flow through it with ease as well as the reabilitation afterwords this is of benefit to every woman on the planet.


I would love to share this dance form with you so that you may reep the benefits of our ancestors.


 I give individual as well as group classes and I can be reached at the following email adress:


I am presently offering classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays as well as Thursdays from 7-8pm at my home studio.


Here are some benefits to the body and mind from Belly dancing:

1) Back and joint ailments are relieved

2) Bone density increases

3) Low impact exercise

4) Helps to lose weight

5) Helps in preparing for childbirth

6) Lower stress levels

7) Boosts self esteem

8) Has been proven to diminish PMS symptoms



I look forward to hearing from you.












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